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Mahlukat feat. Ivan Shopov musically connects the past, present and future. The music is a sound journey in Turkish, Indian and English chants accompanied by electronic beats, vibraphone, violin and synth. A fusion of sounds that create a new world. Spherical sounds, melancholy violin sounds, paired with percussions and gentle basses fill the stage. Mahlukat & Ivan Shopov’s music is in the genres of downtempo, dream pop and ambience.
The three artists met for the first time digitally during a residency of Planet Ears Festival.
In one week this three artist explored ideas that created material for album DHUMAVATI.
This debut album was produced with a pop promotion perspective. In further intensive work, the arrangements of the songs are fine-tuned and new compositions can be created. For the production of the album, Ivan Shopov used the overdub method for the recordings of Mahlukat and take artistic responsibility for the mix and mastering process.
Mahlukat is a word of Eastern origin and means everything that exists in the world through breathing. Creatura.
Kasia and Güldeste create innovative compositions with oriental harmonies and traditional Jewish-Arabic rhythm elements and complement them with the virtuosity of classical music. They released their debut duo album “ ZULA ” in 2018. The two artists played concerts in Germany and Switzerland, self-organized tours in Israel and Poland. With their strong stage presence and the vast universe created by music, the duo has long drawn the attention of music lovers from all over the world.
Ivan Shopov – producer & DJ & artist from Bulgaria – is inspired in his music by the mountains in which he was born and shaped by the traditions with which he grew up. With his personal innovative approach, he gives traditional Bulgarian music today’s timbre. Ivan Shopov, who has performed as a DJ in many countries and continents, has released seven albums so far. He has worked with many excellent musicians (including Theodosii Spassov, Erik Truffaz and Grzech Piotrowski).
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