our first single with Ivan shopov 'leyla' ıs out ! listen now!

An adventure to break the boundaries of distance & creativity, recorded in 10 days. The fascinating Turkish/Polish Duo Mahlukat, residing in Germany, teamed up with the outstanding Bulgarian producer Ivan Shopov for a 10-track album, encapsulating cinematic & world music, folk & electronica. The opening song “Leyla” sets the mood for the Oriental journey that Dhumavati is – with dreamy strings, warm keys, mesmerizing percussion & hazy vocals. A perfect fit for your mosaic & Orgánica playlists.




second single 'māyā' ıs coming 3rd of June! = pre save here !

“Māyā” blends world music & electronica and features Evan Hathfield’s amazing sitar & Amalgamy’s gadulka, as well as driving beatwork, warm keys, and Güldeste’s graceful voice.





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