Violin, Frame Drum, Vocals. An innovativ mix of classical, world and minimal music ; their special stile – cinematic oriental music – Mahlukat.
2016, the meeting of indian classical music and the oriental frame drum rhythms in an artist home in Germany. Güldeste came back from India, Kasia had just returned from Israel. After two years of collaboration they released their first duo album ”ZULA” in 2018. The Cinematic – Oriental Duo combines different musical perspectives in an unprecedented way. Mahlukat’s music is its own language, a mosaic of many elements. This musical language is a representation of social issues that humanity has dealt with, for centuries. It is telling the stories of migration as well as of mythological goddesses, of nature, the oceans and the rainforest. It lets people feel enthusiasm, freedom, sensitivity, rebellion and hope : an imaginative, colorful, healthy life for all beings, for all children in the World! Immerse yourself in hypnotizing, dreamy worlds of sound.
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