Mahlukat is a word of Eastern origin and means everything that exists in the world through breathing. Creatura.

The cinematic-oriental duo, which combines different musical perspectives in an unprecedented way, now appears as a progressive quartet after the first Duo album “Zula”!

Vibraphone, synthesizer, vocals, bass and drums create a special, deep sound that is complemented by the violin and frame drum.

On simple electronic structures, refined with polyrhythmic motifs and oriental melodies, Turkish and English texts are presented in colorful words.

The full dimension of the Mahlukat crew. Kites that fly across the stage with a variety of energies and emotions. A hypnosis of psychedelic harmonies, spoken texts, oriental chants and stories from nature.

A modern mix of melodies from the Orient, pop, rock and minimal music – ‘’ progressive oriental ’- Mahlukat.

Dreamy again.

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