Mahlukat - Zula


The Artist of Mahlukat; were working two years on that Album. All Compositions are under influence of Indian classical music and ancient Turkish melodies, in a shape of minimalist music, Based on violin vocal and frame drum. The Music of Mahlukat; tells Stories from the middle of mediterranean until far Asia. Never ending Stories of being home, hopes, the power of blue, migration wounds of the people… The low tuned violin sound and the frame drum combination will take you deep in to the earth. The vocal melodies will make you fly on the sky. You will feel the truth of the nature in that Album and close your eyes to dream. Violin / Vocal : Güldeste Mamaç Frame Drum : Kasia Kadlubowska Recorded, mixed and mastered by GABRİEL SCHÜTZ in Gabston International Album Design by Özkan Çetinkaya
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