Born in İzmir.
Feel in love in Varanasi.
Made in Germany.

with their dreamy music,
create a world full of profound depth and gravity, which is constantly dissolved and reassembled by the ease with which the young artists approach their performance.


Basel Concert 2018

Ich habe sie gestern in basel h95 gehört seit dem lauft ihre musik bei mir zu hause, schon lange nicht mehr so ein empfindsames duo erlebt ! DANKE und weiter so…
eine schöne Frau aus Basel.

Basel Concert 2018

Our Audience in Basel breathed with our music and we shared very special moments together. 
feel for a moment the silence.

Output From India

Output of CINEMATIC-ORIENTAL MUSIC was my first travel to India. Listening local classical Indian musicians gave me a completely another impulse of making music. After getting touch with this old philosophy of being on the world, and new violin/singing technics I started to write my own mahlukat music. Finally I was free, my violin was free.
Güldeste Mamaç(Mahlukat/Violin)